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Promotional Music CDs and Video DVDs for DJs, Radio Programmers, Nightclubs and other Music Professionals.


User Agreement and Acknowledgement

For all Music Supply Leases, you must agree to the following conditions

Some of the following conditions pertain to CD leases and other conditions apply to the Hard Drive Licenses. 

The following is a user agreement and acknowledgement between the Innovative Entertainment Group Inc., doing business as Disc Jockey Music Supply, hereinafter referred to as the “Lessor” and/or “IEG”, and the undersigned, representing the Proprietor/Partner/Director or Officer of a Canadian Commercial Business, hereinafter referred to as the “Lessee” and/or “THE COMPANY” 

I acknowledge that THE COMPANY is a commercial subscriber and leases digital programs and/or Digital Memory Drive(s) from IEG and/or one of its authorized dealers.

That IEG has entered into a music supply licensing agreement with AVLA Audio-Video-Licensing-Agency (”AVLA”).  I/We acknowledge that as a commercial subscriber and lessee of IEG, THE COMPANY is subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement between AVLA and IEG including but not limited to the following:

1)  Recorded musical compositions embodied on digital programs leased from IEG are not to be duplicated, sold or otherwise distributed, pledged, mortgaged or in any other way encumbered.

2)  The copyright in the recorded musical compositions embodied on digital programs leased from IEG are the property of AVLA member Record Companies

3)  The term of any lease agreement for digital programs IEG is subject to and terminates upon the termination of the AVLA/IEG licensing agreement and all IEG digital programs and digital drives must be returned to IEG or to AVLA upon written notice of termination.   

I also acknowledge that digital programs, which are licensed through AVLA and supplied by IEG, will only be accessible through the authorized use of license manager software provided IEG.  The license manager software will only be authorized and available as long as THE COMPANY keeps their account current at all times.  If THE COMPANY fails to keep their account current, the license manager may not operate and may not operate again until the account is again in good standing (including any unpaid portion while the license manager was inaccessible).   

THE COMPANY also acknowledges that the license manager is intended for use on only 1 (one) computer and digital drive.  Any additional computer(s) and digital drive(s) THE COMPANY would be responsible to purchase an additional license(s)  

THE COMPANY agrees that in the event that there is a software failure and the license manager becomes unauthorized, it is at the sole discretion of IEG to renew your license.  IEG has safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized licensing of additional drives and/or computers.   

IEG agrees to guarantee the workability of the digital drive(s) provided by IEG.  In the event of a Digital Drive malfunction or failure, the Digital Drive or Hard Drive must be returned to IEG before a replacement drive is sent out.  IEG will not be responsible for any information stored on the drive that does not belong to IEG.

THE COMPANY acknowledges that in order to terminate their subscription, any hard drive or digital drive leased through IEG must be returned in good working order before the subscription is terminated.  No refunds will be issued on early terminations.  THE COMPANY also agrees that the subscription ends on the date the digital drive or hard drive arrives back at IEG or it’s authorized dealer. 

IEG will reserve the right to revoke any license at any time, without penalty, during the duration of this agreement.

THE COMPANY also acknowledges that it will absolve any liability IEG if the license manager does not operate correctly.  THE COMPANY also acknowledges that it may take up to 72 (seventy-two) hours to receive an unlock or site key to reactivate the license manager.

The lessee understands that this acknowledgement applies to this particular lease and any subsequent leases that the two parties may enter into at a future date.